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Nightmare Dawn by SuperElmoreSNES
Nightmare Dawn
I did this sometime ago, almost a year in fact.

Basically she's in a group called the Big 4, who are the bad guys but Ill get into that latter. Basically Shes a monster/demon who took over the body of Twilight Sparkle, AKA the main character of my little pony.

One day, seemingly out of nowhere a large part of Equestria was covered in a thick red sheet of ice, to be called in the future the Red Tundra, Ill wright a fanatic about it latter. Anyway Twilight went to this big tower in the center of the ice at the top was a star that threatened to have the ice spread, unless Twilight gives her body to it as a host. She knows it was lying but it cold not killed no matter what she did, so she tricked it into believing that with out her soul that it wold lose the ability to use magic. Witch was a half lie because the star is actually an artificial soul so it cold not keep Twilight's body stable at unless she had a real one. Now she is a prisoner in her own body, biting her time till one day the judge in red and an angle who's main is as pink as roses comes to save her.

Bare with me, this is just one chapter in a story, of which I haven't even worked out all the details yet.

Personality: Shes intelligent and physically strong.
                   Shes a professional about everything, not relay.
                   To be honest shes just says that because shes got an above average IQ, which dosnt matter because when Dawn loses her temper she makes hasty chooses with out thinking.
                   Also if you tell her shes wrong or correct her about something shell be like Kyou Fujibayashi (Do that and you die) [V2], and then shell be like Don't mess, then Shoop da woop  and youl be like [Emoticon] Die .
I am now a super llama, evil doers beware!!!!!
Super Llama 
Bacon's Heart by SuperElmoreSNES
Bacon's Heart
I think Ill stop the pony stuff for a bit and make fan art of other things.
Like Kingdom Hearts, Zelda or PINGAS!!!! I mean SMG4's Blooper videos.
Mike (Night Shade) by SuperElmoreSNES
Mike (Night Shade)
Age 15?
Talent, combat magic.
Personality, Brave but also a competitive , jerk.
Likes, Reading, fighting and anime.
Dislikes, Big messes and social activity.

One day King Sombra fared that he wold be killed, so to make sure he wold rule for ever. He created 13 different clones of him self, however they did not act like him at all. So he chose to rise theme as his children. Over time, as the kings sanity slowly dwindled, he began to act more angry and violent. His children stared to fear him, this mad him realize that he was not going to recover from his ailment and he did not want his children see there father turn into a monster. So he put theme in a deep sleep and hide them all across the land, because if his enemy's found theme they would not find theme all at once.

Mike is a young stallion living by him self in a large tower, secluded from other pones, taring so that one day he might be strong enough to defeat his father. He builds a golem from stone and magic, in the shape of Sombra (his father) and sets it in front of the tower. He refuses to lave on till hes able to defeat it, that is till one day Princess Twilight Sparkle and Spike the Dragon come to investigate monster sightings. Turns out that his golem wasn't just wondering around the tower like programmed it to do, it was going into near by towns and destroying things. Mike wanted to take responsibility for his monster but he was not powerful enough to beat it yet, so Twilight and Spicke agree to help him stop it, although mike wants to do it him self.

To repay for the calculator damage his golem cussed, he is now working as one of her servants and latter joins the to outdo a rival he meets, Twilight's cousin.
Whelp I, guess I gotta, the other 4 now...


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William Elmore
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United States
I love movies, games, comic books, anime, TV, cartoons, music, the list go's on.
As you can see I'm in to story telling, Its my favorite form of art be cues you can tell stores in many different ways
like comics ,books or movies.
The best part in a story is the characters most of the time.

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